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Journal Study Group + Two

Our small, but active, Journal Study Group, had two guests this past Wednesday - Gwen Diehn and Vivian Swift.  Gwen is an honorary member now that she has a grandson in Brooklyn and we always look forward to her visits.  Her husband Phil usually joins us for the day's activities and on Wednesday he took this picture of the group. 

We had a long brunch at Landmarc in the Time-Warner building at this great table for 8, discussed everything art-related, and passed around sketchbooks.  Gwen is a fabulous bookbinder so we also needed to consult her on several upcoming projects.  There was eating, laughing, and a great exchange of ideas.


From the Left:  Benedicte, Pat, Teri, Me, Vivian, Melly Gwen

After brunch we walked across the street to see the current exhibits at the Museum of Art and Design (M.A.D.), followed by late afternoon coffee, tea, and ice cream in the Museum Cafe for some of us.  Vivian left us mid-afternoon to deliver the manuscript of her new book to her publisher!

The Global African Project is the current large exhibit at M.A.D. and most of us gravitated to this tableau by Black Coffee (the brand for 2 South African designers) for sketching. 


I sketched one of the figures and the dog, followed by a figure and costume by Missoni Spa from 1990.



I feel so fortunate to have such an inspirational group of friends in NYC.


What a wonderful day!!! Thanks for sharing your sketches.....I wish we all had such a wonderful group to sketch with!

How fun! Your drawings are wonderful (as always), and your posts always make me want to run away to New York! nancy

GOSH you have an exciting life. And I'd love so much to draw those costumes.

Great sketches as always and looks like you had a great day too!

Shirley, how wonderful! You ARE fortunate to have such a good group, and they're lucky to have YOU. I love both Gwen and Vivian's books, too, what fun!

You really are fortunate to have such a wonderful group. I read Vivian's blog and have her first book. I wish I had a group like this - although I do have a very nice group of quilting friends, so I shouldn't really complain. Sounds like a very nice day - I always enjoy seeing your sketches.

How cool is that to have Gwen Diehn come to your group!? Also how cool is that to have an in-person group to do sketching with. I am really craving having some other folks to do the sketching and journaling with but so far have not found anyone near me to do this. Thanks for sharing your sketches-they are wonderful!
Aloha, Kate

Hi Shirley, The figures by "Black Coffee" are stunning! They must have been fun to draw; like the scarab too. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

I. Am. So. Envious.

What fun! I am with Nancy, NYC is like nothing else. But the country is good too. Just a lack of sketching friends.

I love the sketches.

great sketches, especially of the black coffee
garments. loved them. also love the
'robert' restaurant upstairs - that view!

Oh what fun, I have followed (and emailed) Vivian for a long time and can't wait for "That Damn French Book" I know you had a fabulous day - If Only I Lived Closer!!!!!

How fun!!! I sure wish that I could be in a group of friends like this sharing the common interest and just hunting for things to sketch while relaxing in an afternoon. I guess I hit the reset button everytime I move and start a new life. Price I have to pay for being nomadic as I am, and friends really cost a lot as I care for them dearly.

What a fantastic group you have!! I wish I could be there; you all look like you're having so much fun!! Your pages look great!

How fun that you could get together for a sketchcrawl. Lovely sketches too!

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