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Visual Journal Pages - Random

I love to create journal pages that reflect my daily life - and post them only occasionally to my blog.  Since I started sketching daily in Jan 2007, I filled 33 sketchbooks in addition to travel sketchbooks and those devoted to figure drawing.  Here are 3 recent daily pages that I like:

I volunteer for Goddard Riverside, a settlement house on the Upper Westside of New York, sorting new books donated by publishers each Fall and then working at the annual Book Fair where the books are sold for 50% or less.  This page was created by sketching the main characters of 3 books that I bought for our grandchildren.


We take our oldest Grandson to 4 NY Philharmonic Young Peoples' Concerts each year and he gets to try instruments in the Kidzone, which is held the hour before the concert.  Last Saturday was a concert on Baroque music and he was able to try the harpsichord, and play a violin (which he does anyway.)  The violinist picture on this page is the image from the Kidzone violin site in Avery Fisher Hall.


I spent last weekend planning and making some Christmas gifts for the children and decided to draw a grid page, in case I want to make some fun foam stamps for the season.





Your drawing and space design is to be admired for sure...and the writing very interesting...that trying the instruments would make me want to do that myself--the wownderful three books--how the Olivia pig makes me smile! The Christmas page is a perfect card....I'd love to see what foam stamps develope.....winna

I made a comment earlier---guess it fell thru the cracks someplace. I do like all your well designed pages and see wonderful cards etc... I'd want to try the instruments myself! "Olivia" sure makes me smile .....winna

Love all of these. Enjoyed seeing your personal pages. Your everyday life is interesting. Some of those items in the last painting would make some great stamps, foam or otherwise.

I can't believe it Shirley - I started my first moleskine in Jan 2007 too!!! And not only that, I am currently in my daily journal No 33!!!!! WOW!!!!
Lovely pages! Sorry I haven't been keeping up - once I finish my big scanning project I am going to start to catch up on everything else!


These are wonderful! I don't know how you manage to do all you do and still have time to sketch,too! you are amazing!

These pages are wonderful, Shirley! You live in a great area and I so love all the things you do with the grands :)

I agree with Winna, the Christmas journal spread IS perfect. There isn't another word for it. I admire your drawing habits.

33 sketchbooks since 2007?? WOW! I really need to get a move on. How will I ever improve if I don't even fill but maybe one a year? (and that's only if I combine all the various sketchbooks that I have going!)

Really excellent pages! I love how you never lack for something to draw!

Love the Christmas page, the top one could be edm - something cute?

Thank you Shirley for sharing your wonderful pages!

Tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-lah! I do love your Christmas grid. The spots are so well edited and sweet, they would make terrific stamps!

Fun drawings - and I love the way they are arranged. These grey lines - are they pen or pencil?

I always love your journal pages!

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