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Figure Drawing December 7, 2010

My friend Melanie Testa and I went to the Society of Illustrators Figure Drawing session last week - and enjoyed a 3-piece jazz combo, a glass of red wine, and 3 hours with 2 models for every pose.  One of the models was new to me - and was the tallest and thinnest I sketched there.  It took me awhile to get used to the thinness of her extremities and seemed to draw her, rather than the other model during each pose.  Here is one 5 minute sketch, two 10 minute sketches, and two 20 minute sketches.  In the last drawing, I added the second, seated model, as an afterthought and she probably should be larger.

See Melanie's blog for her sketches from the session.  She is also posting them today.








I met Melanie just over a year ago and love having someone to share art, surface design and quilting, and bookbinding with.  This was our first Live Figure Drawing together, although we regularly sketch around New York City, and work on projects with our Journal Study Group.


Your drawing skills have improved my leaps and bounds since we met, Lets get the next night on our calendars, ok?

Wonderful sketches. I haven't commented on your other postings, which I have really liked. I really like the directions your taking, with surface design, quilting, bookbinding....lucky you to be so close to Melly Testa!!! A great friend to have alongside as you explore your creative interests.

Sounds so heavenly to me...wine, jazz music, friends, models to sketch! Glad you have a great friend to accompany you! And thanks for the link; I had never been to her site before!

Nice work, Shirley. I often have trouble with those very tall thin models - I can never fit them on the page! It sounds like such a great time - I want to go too!

Wow, terrific work. Enjoy all of those opportunities the city provides!

Though I've never sketched a human body from a live model, I think I might have an easier time with a full-figured person, just because there are more curves and shadows for drawing. I wonder if that is true. You did a great job with her slender figure.

You did well with the tall thin lady, it must be a good learning experience in these drawing sessions, plus music and a glass of wine!

Her hair looks fabulous in all of these drawings. In the quicker ones, you make it look easy =)

I am looking at your figure drawings and am amazed at how believable the feet are when they are suggested. The line wiggles just the way toes would, I guess. I don't have any talent w/feet and hands and am inspired by the thought that these very important extensions of our bodies can be suggested in a drawing; and believed.

While I am here I'd like to thank you for the positive, beautiful comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much for stopping by. I will be watching you now, as well. Your work serves to create ideas in another artist's mind (mine) and you should take great pleasure in that. YOur body of work is vast.

I wish for you a happy and safe holiday season.

Tracey Latorelli

All of these are wonderful sketches. It always makes for a fuller experience when we can share our art with a friend. :)

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