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Sketching With Raena in Houston

While I was at the Houston Quilt Festival, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Raena, one of the EDM members who lives in Houston.   We've exchanged comments on our blog entries, but never met in person, so this was a great place to sketch together.  We each selected one of the dolls from the exhibit to sketch and then sat and talked and painted for the remaining time before she had to leave.  Here is my doll sketch.



And here are Raena and I - photographed by an anonymous Quilt Festival attendee who surprised us by actually having read Danny Gregory's book Everyday Matters.



How lovely for you both to meet up and sketch and chat - sounds like you had a great time. And you got a lovely sketch of the doll!

The sketch is really nice! And wow you met Raena?!! I should have done the same when I was still in Louisiana. It's a bit harder now since I have started working in Mississippi... I am thinking...10hour drive perhaps? >.

Sounds great fun, and a great sketch too. Like the photo of you both!

What a wonderful experience. I agree with your assessment of members of this group -- I had the pleasure to meet another EDM'r last week and it was like hooking up with an old friend, one that also loves art.

What a fantastic moment when you can meet other person who share hobbies with you...Love it!

How wonderful that you got to sketch together--sounds really fun. The sketch is delightful and I love the photo too!

I had so much fun that day! (even with the headache) So many beautiful quilts; it was unbelievable what some people do! You did a great job on your doll. I haven't posted mine yet...but I am trying to gather enough to do one soon! (Wasn't that lady cool? I couldn't stop telling my mother about her!)

What an excellent photo of the two of you! I think it is great that you all met. I'd love to have an EDM convention! Anyway, your sketch of the doll is mighty fine too. I like the pose.

How cool is that... for you two to meet??? I'm with Dan - we need to have an EDM convention!

That's fun to see a photo of you both. I really like the sketch.

It is lovely that you got to meet and sketch with a fellow EDM-er - YOu two look like you had fun. Thanks for sharing the photos!

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