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100 Faces - A Sonheim Drawing Lab

I still draw faces when I'm out around NYC - as part of Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab book.  This is a long term project for me, and I probably will still be working on my 100 Faces months from now. 

These are 6 of the recent faces that I drew from life - a security guard at the Social Security Office, a girl on the crosstown bus, audience members at the theatre and at a Textile Study Group lecture,  a page at WABC-TV, and an usher from the NY Philharmonic open rehearsal,


I got bogged down at Lab 36 of the Drawing Lab book and finally skipped it and moved onto 37.  My goal is to continue working through the exercises sequentially now to the end of the year.  And I'm simultaneously reflecting on any progress in 2010 and making some personal art goals for 2011.



Good job on the faces. Lots of personality showing here.

beautiful expressions!

Your progress is terrific!The different faces show you've managed to render various personalities !

Well done! Our local quilt show is this weekend and I am the coordinator for the vendors. No need to remind me not to do this job again. The babies were so wonderful to hold.

What's great is that each one has such individual personality - I'm sure I'd recognize these peoplle.

Great expressions - they're all so different.

I didn't realize that you and I were among just a few that posted figure sketches. Maybe it's our location? I'm in Philadelphia, and open figure drawing sessions aren't hard to come by around here; one just needs to get out and talk to figurative artists to find out what sorts of workshops and sessions are available. There are so many, I can even be picky enough to choose only those in walking distance! I know NYC has plenty as well - are our sketching peers deprived of the wonderful exercise of drawing nudes?

These are terrific! I love how different each person looks and how much personality they each have!

Great expressions. I'm curious if they know you're sketching them? Do they pose for you? I have a friend here who is doing the exercises, too, but he is a teacher so he's drawing his family, friends and students. I would like to do it, because I love drawing faces, but drawing strangers in public places in kind of unnerving to me.

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