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Learning a New Skill

I took a class with 2 of my art buddies this week, in which we learned how to make Thermofax screens that can then be used to transfer images to paper or fabric (with fabric paints or thickened procion MX dyes).  You can see details of our day here in Rayna Gillman's blog and a humorous recounting of the day in my friend Pat Gaignat's blog.  I'm the one in the gray shirts in these photos. 

I took lots of black and white images with me to make screens, but I was most interested in getting screens with images of my pregnant model from figure drawing.  I also made screens from designs that I can use for background surface design, screens from some of my stamps, and screens from photos I took of Manhattan.  While in class I tested some of the screens with Profab paints in my watercolor sketchbook and on fabric - and couldn't wait to go home and try printing with thickened dye on fabric for quilt journal page #6.

Here are the 3 journal pages that I made - very quickly and with very little thought.  But it gives you some idea of the images I can now print. 







Very interesting ! The results are great !

With results like these, who need thought?! Love the first one especially! Wonderful results with this technique.

I went and looked at all the photos, and you look like you were having so much fun! These are very interesting and I can see how they can be very useful in future projects!

The negative image is gorgeous, Shirley. All your recent posts are so exciting and inspiring.

What a great tool to have in your tool kit! I don't know what Thermofax is (yet), but these are great! nancy

I love the shape & pose of the 2nd figure, looks like fun!

Very artistic, I love them all. Thanks for your wishes Shirley.

Sulkingly in jealous need of a tag.

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