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Figure Drawings from September

Thursday evening at the Society of Illustrators is with "costumes."  At my last session, both models were dressed as gun molls - and sketching was much more difficult than usual.  Here are several of my drawings that were "least bad."

Two Minute Poses:


Five Minute Pose:


Ten Minute Pose:


My current sketchbook is too big for my scanner, and I can't prevent the shadows on these drawings without transforming them in Photoshop like I did in the middle pose.  While drawing these, we were listening to a 3 piece jazz combo - a real treat that is part of the experience at the Society of Illustrators.



Wow you get a lot of detail in such a short time, lovely drawings.

Wow ! I've never tried that kind of class myself and it must be pretty difficult to capture an attitude in a few minutes,but your sketches are improving tremendously ! Congratulations! I love them all.

I am always amazed by how fast you're able to capture the silhouette of your models. =) I so wish I could do that so swiftly. Nice sketches!

Very cool....will these make it into your fabric journal?

I agree that sometimes clothed models are harder to draw than nudes, but you've done a wonderful job with these. Your 2 minute sketch is amazing - you caught the essence and many of the details in a remarkable short period of time! nancy

Have to agree with the clothing...makes it so much more difficult! But, you've done great here, of course!

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