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Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

The August summer break just ended at the Society of Illustrators and last night I went to Figure Drawing with my friends Istar and Casey.  Casey is visiting her family in N.J. from France and was able to come into the City for a visit.  I hope that she posts a few of her figure paintings to her blog when she returns home.  Her ink/watercolor drawings inspired me and gave me a new goal for 2011.

My current sketch book is slightly too big for my scanner, so there are lots of ugly scan marks.  I also had to increase contrast so my 6B pencil lines were darker, and all of my left-hended smudges then were more noticeable.   

There were two models, clothed, for every pose.  This was a sketch done of both of them during 5 minutes - just to try to capture their positions and clothing.


During another 5 minute pose, I sketched only the male model because he was in a challenging twisted position.


I sketched both models during the next two 20 minute poses - the male model without and with shirt and the woman in a negligee.





This is the beginning of my second year of live figure drawing and I am trying to spend more time on faces.  After I finished sketching both models during a 20 minute pose, I spent some time trying to better capture the face of the male model. 




Gee, I thought that you had been doing figure drawing for years! All are good, but you really did a great job with the last profile.

I love figure drawing and haven't been to a life drawing session in years. Your drawings have inspired me to check out the are association and start to go again. It's about 30 miles away, which is why I haven't gone in so long, but seeing your lovely drawings makes me really miss it. nancy

Very nice capture of expressions there Shirley! =) And you've achieved all that within such a short time, it's amazing!

The break hasn't diminished your skills one bit!! Great job!

A terrific job and so much progress ! You can be proud of yourself !

Really great work.

Well done - this brings back great memories!

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