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Sketching From the Brooklyn Promenade


The Central Park Sketching and Art Meet-up Group met in Brooklyn Heights, on the Promenade, to sketch.  The view of lower Manhattan is wonderful and it is hard to remember that the World Trade Center Towers were twice as tall as the tallest buildings in my photo. 

I sketched just the buildings at the very tip - trying to figure out how to best represent all of the windows.  The tiny little orange object at the far left of my sketch is the front of the Staten Island ferry, pulled into the terminal.


The Brooklyn Bridge is also part of this glorious scene.  For my last sketch of the 3, I sketched the Manhattan towers of the bridge.


This sketching group now meets twice each month - and this year moved out of Central Park on many occasions.  By scheduling one day each month on Sat. (11AM-2PM) and one on Sun, I usually can get to one of the sessions.  Yesterday four of us from the Journal Study Group were there.  I'm so glad that I went, because I rarely go to Brooklyn even though it is so close.


Wonderful sketches! You've managed excellent close ups. I really like the angles you chose !

Looks like you had a good time on this sketch crawl! Love the photo as well as your sketches.

I think you handled the windows just fine. In fact, I'll have to remember how you did it for myself. A cityscape (well, most landscapes) are so confusing to do.

Excellent sketches, Shirley!! How cool that you have such wonderful opportunities, in terms of the cityscapes and the fellow sketchers!

Awesome! You were wise to limit your choice of buildings! I got lost in drawing windows!! I am so glad I was there!

You did a great job of narrowing the field and focusing on a few important elements. These are excellent, especially for 20 minute studies.

Really nice sketches Shirley =)

Not only are your drawings terrific, but I appreciate the picture-a view this Californian has never seen.

You did a great job with these! I have a hard time narrowing scenes down, but these are really very nice! nancy

I know what you mean about deciding what to sketch and how much when faced with a huge vista - I think you made really good choices and I like your sketches very much!

Nice sketches. I always struggle with the windows in a cityscape. You did a great job with them.

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