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Recent Museum Visit Drawings

I love visiting all of the Museums in Manhattan, and always try to sketch one item during a visit.  Maybe I can internalize some of the skills of the Master Artist, or convert a 3D object into a reasonable 2D drawing, or just create a memory of the museum visit.

David Goldblatt, a South African photographer who documented life during apartheid, has an exhibit at the Jewish Museum.  I loved the position of this man, who was posing for a paid photograph while Goldblatt photographed him and the photographer.


The American Woman exhibit at the Met was a favorite among our visitors this summer.  I have visited enough times that I have sketched one mannequin in almost every room.  I sketched several during my recent visit with Liz Steel and this was one of them.


 I love Guercino - an Italian artist from the 1600s, and try to reproduce one of his drawings whenever I see one.  The Met has an exhibit of Italian Drawings from Correggio  to  Tiepolo including one of Guercino's.  His drawing was done in ink, mine was done with black pen and watercolor.


My quilt artist friends and I went to see the Exhibit honoring Women's Art at the American Folk Art Museum.  My favorite piece was a painting of a mourning family, with 4 women lined up on the left side of the cemetery stone and men on the right.  This is one of the identically dressed women.



I'm on the Online Art line and saw your post. These are wonderful sketches! I'm also very impressed you took the time to do them. I often think I want to sketch but then get too embarrassed to do it in public.

These are just wonderful! You are so lucky to live close to a museum! nancy

Fascinating stuff, Shirley! Looks like you have a marvelous time.

Ooooh, these are really stylish! =) I like the poses and the colors as always. Great journal pages Shirley!

Its nice to see that David Goldblatt's work is in Manhatten - and to see your lovely sketches, Liz's visit and the interesting NY life on your blog, Shirley - thanks for your visit to mine!

Wonderful drawings. Each one seems to have capturd something of the style of the exhibition according to its subject matter.

Yeah! Someone who goes to the museums, sketches some of the interesting exhibits and then shares them. Thanks so much.

These are so wonderful! I really love the Guercino that you copied. I've thought of becoming a member of our museum, but I doubt that I would bother to use it enough to make it worth it. It takes more than an hour to drive there, in horrible traffic, with even worse parking. Thanks for you comments on my recent sketchbook! I'm very excited to use it!

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