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More Sonheim Labs from Drawing Lab

I'm continuing to do the lab exercises from Carla Sonheim's book Drawing Lab and here are the ones I did from Section 3 - Inspired by Famous Artists.  I really look forward to doing these, probably because these are loose drawings and there is very little attempt to draw realistically,   I expect that I will compress her 52 weekly lab exercises into a few months, and return to the exercises again in the future - for fun. 

Lab 17:  Tracing Leonardo - but I just copied the drawing instead.


Lab 18: One Liners - I made lots of one liners on brown paper, all from a single photo of my grand daughter's dog.  I copied my favorite and painted it.  I added my next favorite as a collage.


Lab 20 Miro Abstract:  I looked at many Miro paintings and sketched lots of his symbols on scrap paper - and then made this drawing.


Lab 21: Klee Transfer Painting:  I used carbon paper and my fingernail to transfer this drawing - which was originally a one-liner.  I don't know enough about Klee's work to understand why transfer methods were used in this lab - but now will read more about him.



Lab 22: Modigliani Parent Portraits - my mother, who is 91 this year.



Lab 23:  Your Inner Dr. Seuss:  I pulled all of the Seuss books from our childrens' library and sketched some representative houses whenever they appeared.  Then I was able to draw this village from memory of his style.



Love all your exercises for the drawing lab. I think you are opening new doors with the assignments. Well done.

These are all great fun. I hadn't heard of this book but it sounds a lot of fun. Seussville is amazing. Also very much like the Modigliani.

Sigh. You're so disciplined. I've just leafed through the book so far.

This looks like SO much fun! I love what you've done so far. My favorites are Seussville and Modigliani Parent Portrait. By the way, I'm finally going to bind my own sketchbook. I wanted to thank you for including your instructions on your blog...as I'll be looking at them lots tomorrow!

Really nice drawings =) And like always, you've found ways to make full use of softness of colors to bring out the natural beauty of your subjects. And Tracing Leonardo is also very cool!

I've been busy and neglecting visiting but it has been delightful to catch up with your blog! So much to comment on, so many wonderful drawings and adventures. Thank you for sharing it all here!

what wonderful work! the miro is my favorite!

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