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Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim and a Podcast by Her


My friends and I had many fun evenings during our beach week doing the exercises from the first two sections of this book.  In the mornings we sketched beach treasures that we picked up on our walks and after dinner we played" by doing these fun lab exercises which really loosen you up and don't arouse the inner critic.  Perfection is not expected!

Here are 3 of my favorites: The giraffe on the left was drawn blind and the one on the right while looking occasionally at the photo.

Blind Contour of a Giraffe:



Imaginary Creature:



Drawing with Your Non-Dominant Hand - which I had never tried. This doesn't look at all like Sara - but I was actually able to hold the pen and make it move!  Sara decided that she was going to use her non-dominant hand more - she loved the drawings she did.


Rice Freeman-Zachary of Notes From the Voodoo Cafe just did a podcast interview with Carla Sonheim.  You can go to her blog and click on the Podcast from a list on the right side of the home page.  You can also reach it from Carla's blog.  It is a delightful interview and she verbally gives you the Picasso Dog lab exercise during the Podcast.  Here's mine:



What interesting experiments. That book surely is teaching how to have lots of fun by dropping the serious mask ^^

Wow, I think all of these are good even the non-dominant hand one! I'll have to go listen to the podcast. I haven't started doing any of the labs yet but I did get the book. Everyone is doing such nice work with the book.

Everyone is talking about this book and I'm getting a serious case of the 'I wants' seeing all of these fabulous results! Did you laugh at your non-dom drawing? Because, really, I think it is quite good. It gives the line a bit of energy that I really like. Some people sketch with an intentional wavy line to get this look.

That book looks like a good find. Sara emailed a picture of her non-dominant hand drawing and it was just fantastic!

This is such great work Shirley...your giraffe is a perfect blind contour and all the other lab sketches are SO great. Wonderful exercises!

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