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A Few Watercolor Journal Pages From This Week

This was a busy week.  We visited our San Francisco friends at their lake house in NH as we do most summers.  And it was hot even in the woods.  The dogs were therefore sleepy much of the time and I could sit and sketch them more easily.  I just decided that I love square watercolor sketchbooks, but then needed to put both pages together in Photoshop because I couldn't fit the double pages on my scanner!


We also stop at the Farm Stand to buy some fresh produce and flowers to take with us.  This is one ear of corn before husking and one of many varieties of sunflowers that they grow.


We returned home Thursday and on Friday morning at 8:30 met a fabulous visitor at the corner of 96th St. and Lexington in NYC.  Can you guess who?  How about if I tell you that today is Borromini's 3rd birthday?  In the few minutes while I was waiting, I sketched the flower in one of our many flower stands and painted it after a full day of exploration, talking, sketching, and fun.  More later....




LOVE it, Shirley! That bear really gets around, doesn't he!

Lucky you and Lucky them !!! I look forward to hearing all about the day and seeing some fabulous art produced on the day ! IN the meantime, these are delightful. I have tried to draw sleeping dogs, but discovered that they also move and twitch intheir sleep (the ones I drew did ) . I especially like the ones on the right hand, and the lovely paws. AND the lovely happy sunflower

Love the dogs!!!! And the flowers are gorgeous too, and Mr. Bear ^^ He's adorable too!
So your grandson was dressing up as Mario eh? That's AWESOME!

Lovely sketches, I especially like the sunflower.
Lucky you meeting Borromini bear!

What a wonderful way to spend the day, especially meeting online friends. I bet Borromini and Liz were delightful.

If you have an application that does photostitch and if you save your scans as .jpg, you can use your photostitch application to join two scanned images.

These are so excellent! I do wish I could have been there too! How sad is this...Boromini has traveled to more countries than I have!!

I love those beautiful flowers! And the dog sketches are great. I've tried to sketch my Irish Wolfhound many times but just can't get her right. I'll keep trying though!

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