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Bethesda Fountain, Central Park - Then and Now

I started sketching in 2003, after buying Gwen Diehn's book The Decorated Page.  It took me almost 2 years to fill a watercolor sketchbook because I was still working long hours.  One of those early sketches, and watercolor painting with student grade watercolor paints, was of Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, New York. 

This morning it was 68 degrees and sunny when I woke up and I couldn't resist an 8AM walk to the Park and to Bethesda Fountain for another sketch.  I thought it would be fun to upload my first sketch and this morning's sketch since I didn't even start sketching daily or start my blog until Jan. 2006.

Here is a sketch from July 2003:


 I then redrew the top of the fountain and painted it the same morning:


And here is my still unpainted sketch from this morning - from a different bench.  The sun was changing the shadows very quickly, so I took a photo and will paint it at home sometime soon.  The faint pencil lines are the top of the trees/sky line.




Lovely to see these, and to see how your style has evolved. I think this latest sketch is destined to be a winner!

What a wonderful job with these complex shapes!

It's fun to see your progress and what a lovely fountain.

A nice way to begin the day ! It is really intersting to see the change in your style - the lines flow so much more now .

Love the different version, and I must say, they each carry different styles, but there's a definitely degree of improvement appearing in each version after, and a whole lot of confidence in the latter! Well done ^^

What a wonderful record of your progress as an artist. The latest version is wonderful.

Very impressive. The latest drawings are calmer.

I think they are all very impressive. Yes, your more recent one is more confident and direct - very well done! nancy

Isn't it gratifying to see you've grown? You did plenty well enough the first time around but I do see you've improved. I haven't been doing this as long as you but I can still see a world of difference from when I started. Thanks for sharing this.

They are both very good! But, there has been a big change in style! It is more direct now; not as much searching for that line. Well done!

I like both versions for different reasons, but in the most recent one you cab see how you are more confident with your lines.

Your latest sketch looks..well..quite angelic! Enjoyed seeing the contrast to your former sketch.

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