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Wandering Manhattan with Liz Steel and Borromini Bear

It is Liz's first trip to New York City and Friday was her first full day.  I asked her if she wanted to get a visitor Metro Card and go from the Upper Eastside, all the way down to Battery Park and the New York Harbor by bus and subway, stopping along the way to eat, sketch, and see things on her list.  And we did it! 

After a leisurely bus ride down 5th Ave to see Central Park, Museum Mile, The Plaza, St. Patricks, and Rockefeller Center from the bus window, we stopped at 42nd Street and the New York Public Library.  Here is Liz sketching the Chrysler Building.


And Borromini Bear watching her.


Here is the sketch that I did at the same time.  I'm not sure that she posted hers.


We then went into Bryant Park, behind the Public Library and Liz sketched the top of the Empire State Building while I analyzed a chair and table!  I was much more interested in watching an architect sketch this famous landmark, since I've struggled with it several times already.


After a walk through Times Square, a subway ride to Christopher St, a walk through the Village and Washington Square Park, we stopped for a quiet lunch and then resumed our walk in Soho.  This is the flat iron district and the buildings were so much fun to analyze.  Liz found a very complex one that she couldn't pass by.  We sat while she sketched the facade of the building while I sketched one of the columns.



She bought a quick art supply souvenir at Pearl Paint on Canal Street and then we took a bus down Broadway, through the Financial District, past Ground Zero, to Battery Park and a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty across the Harbor. 

We are planning another day together before she leaves, but you can follow Liz "sketching New York" now on her Flickr site or blog. 


Something (perhaps wondering if I should turn off the air conditioner for the night)---woke me up---and now I have just spent quite some time on your site delighting in the works and words. Not only was I loving to see it all but my creatives senses were poked,punched and tickled over and over again. Thanks for posting the way you do.....Winna E J Mordasky

goodness - what a day .Shirley , you certainly give a good tour of New York ! I Know these places !!! I SO wish I was there. I would have been sketching along with you. Your architecture in Soho is great, and the chair and its shadow too. The Chrysler building looks so difficult to draw, but I would try it anyway , just because I was there. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Looks like a WONDERFUL day, Shirley! I know you guys had a ball, I'm tired just reading about it!

Shirley, It sounds like a memorable day, and you have your sketches to look back on. I met Liz and Borromini way over here on the west coast here during the Urban Sketchers Symposium, so funny to read about her visit with you. I think you are smart--leave the sketches of whole buildings to the architects, and just focus on interesting features, like pillars and tops. Nicely done.

Beautiful pictures and really nice sketches! Love that lil bear too ^^

Wow - I'm so jealous!!! What a wonderful suggestion you came up with - and great sketches. I'd have loved to have been there and sketching with the two of you! However I am hoping that I get to meet up with Liz on her travels when she passes through London.

Looks like a fantastic day, such interesting things to sketch. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks for sharing your fun day!

What fun! And I love your drawings from the day!

I couldn't believe it when Liz said she was meeting up with you. I didn't realise at the time she was meeting up with so many. It sounded as if you had a wonderful day out. She must be over the moon. I love your drawing of the chair and table with cast shadows. I've done a couple like that and they are quite challenging.

Hi Shirley,

Fun post of NYC! I liked the photos and drawings. I'm developing a special interest in looking at watercolor journals and your entries are wonderful. Buildings, chairs, columns....so much to draw and paint...so little time! Festive!

Shirley, what an amazing day. You two certainly covered alot of ground! A weeks worth of looking around in one day AND sketching AND lunch. Hard to believe....but wonderful!

I've loved reading about your sightseeing and sketching with Liz. And your sketches are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. Beautiful blog!

Looks like a fantastic day! I especially love your Chrysler Building.

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