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The Central Park Sketching and Art Meet up Group

Our group met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, instead of in Central Park, because of the threat of inclement weather.  Our first drawing session was a major challenge - the Starn brothers bamboo structure on the Museum rooftop.  I decided to really limit my scope and to focus on the method that they used to connect the bamboo and creat a structure which supports many people on internal walkways. 


Our next drawing session was in the current exhibit called The American Woman - from the costume institute.  I already sketched some of the fashions in the exhibit on a previous visit and this time concentrated on the room called "The Heiress." 


Our 3rd and final sketch was in 19th C. European Paintings.  I am studying Cezanne's card players over a several year period and this time did a simple line drawing of one of the card players.  For more information about this project and my 2007, 2008, 2009 paintings, click here.




These are wonderful. I think the bamboo is great - unique and interesting. I like the setup for the second, and of course Cezanne's card player - love that painting. I believe one of them (was it this one?) had an elongated arm. Cool to reduce it to line with a wash.

Beautifully drawn! I really love the bamboo structure ^^

I love the bamboo sketch! You've captured the quality of the materials beautifully.

Hello Shirley! Can't believe you've been following me all this while! Thanks so much for the comment ... I guess its time to go out and promote myself I guess. I made a huge sacrifise to do this - so I'm going to go out there and try and get some work. Right now I need a bit of a holiday, and a bit more re-think of my portfolio; but I already have a list of publishers etc that I want to contact about commissioning me.

In the meantime I think I should try and find a drawing group like yours, to keep me drawing as I've lost all my college friends! Great to see that you're still at it :)

All the best, mithi

These are all wonderful although my favourite is the bamboo and, although I don't know the structure, I think just concentrating on the way it was constructed was a really good idea. You must have had a great day.

I remember your previous costume drawings so am pleased to see these. The bamboo sketch is great - I love the different colour bindings.

Amazing work, as always.

I'm especially impressed with the details and the soft colors on the bamboo structure. And the second painting, I'm curious what inspired the background. Was it spontaneous? Is that perhaps the floor plan of the room? It works nicely! Oh, and I remember your previous works on the Cezanne painting! I guess I've been lurking (before blogging!) for longer than I care to admit!!

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