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New Watercolor Sketchbooks

Moleskine lost a customer forever, when they ignored requests to make their watercolor journals in a portrait format in addition to a landscape format.  I now make all of my watercolor journal sketchbooks in a 6 X 8" size using 140 lb Fabriano Artistico soft press paper.  Recently I decided to make my own book cloth using fabric that I create with procion MX dyes.  Here is a picture of #5 and 6 in the series.


The book cloth on the left was created using the pole-wrapped shibori technique.  The book cloth on the right was first dyed with thick procion MX dye - blue to green - and then stamped with one of my newly made fun foam stamps using a darker color dye.  The cotton cloth was then fused with 45 gm Thai mulberry paper using Wonder Under.

The covers of this new series of journal sketchbooks are so "busy" that I used solid color Mi Tientes paper for the end papers.  There are so many colors available that I can always find one that I like.  And the weight of the paper is perfect.


More Bookbinding:  Our small Journal Study Group made Tag Books at our meeting in June.  I made one previously, based on a Gwen Diehn design, and we used the same method to make these.  The books hold many shipping tags which are  our "Art Trading Card" equivalent.  When we are working together, everyone needs to make enough of the same tags to give to each other.

These are the books we made:




Looks interesting!! Very nice idea!!

They are brilliant! Definitely worth collecting!

I love those tags, they look like something really fun to do and receive.
I wish I had time to make my own sketchbooks, I tried once and I enjoyed having my own choice of paper but you do need a lot of patience!

That fabric you dyed is gorgeous. The blue with the shibori technique looks so much like water. Are you doing these with the recycled books or do you use something different for the boards?

Your sketchbooks are becoming a work of art in themselves! I love the colors of these two! Have you ever considered selling them?

This are just lovely. I especially like the journal on the right

I know exactly how you feel about the Moleskines. I think I'll have to look into making my own art journals as well, as I can't find anything I really like. For now, I'm using my Aquabee and trying to finish it up. Your journals are really nice!

You've made a wonderful composition out of the bamboo, Shirley. Very nice indeed.
How I envy your bookbinding skills, and access to all the makings of same. Your new watercolour sketchbooks are gorgeous. And I am very taken with your seagulls from a couple of posts back. Delightful!

Your books look wonderful. What is soft press? I've only heard of hotpress, coldpress or rough. I tried to see how you made your corners so neatly but couldn't quite tell. These are wonderful books. The tag books look like fun.

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