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Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators - New York

I started going to figure drawing sessions in September 2009, and averaged one session per month over the whole year.  There is now a summer break until after Labor Day and that seems a long time away.  I think I'm making progress, and more frequently sketch faces during the longer poses.  Here are the two 10 minute poses and two 20 minute poses done this week.








Yes, you are getting really good at doing these! I used to go regularly to life drawing, but haven't been in a really long time. Seeing these makes me want to go back. It's pretty far away, though, so I don't know..... nancy

These are really great sketches. I've never done life drawing of any sort but am trying to practice figure drawing by doing it from photos. Everyone says it's just not the same as a real live model though and I'm sure that's true.

I still have such fond memories of the one time I went drawing there. Your linework has so much confidence now and good on you for being brave enough to add faces. I have been going to life drawing once a month for three years and still leave off the face details. My tutor is encouraging me to "draw bigger"

It would be interesting to see your first drawings compared to these!

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