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Grandparent Visual Journal Pages

My daughter's 3 children (ages 7,5,3) spent 3 days with us while their parents celebrated their anniversary at the Beach.  They are really energetic and fun children, so I dedicated my daily journal pages to them.  The two youngest ones actually "colored" in their sketchbooks during the weekend and had me draw some of their favorite images for them to color.  New York City was soooo hot, that we started each day at the newly renovated Central Park playground that is next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  They wore their bathing suits to take full advantage of the water play for several early morning hours.


Sydney and Callum have Christmas birthdays and for the second year in a row Syd and I celebrated her birthday in July with a trip to the art supply store.  This year we went to Dick Blick and she selected a wonderful assortment of art supplies and activity kits.  She used the last few dollars to buy cute little flash card notebooks for herself and two brothers, so I sketched all of them.


Callum really, really loves dinosaurs and dragons and brought a big box of them to play with during the weekend.  He was showing me his squishy dragon when I decided that this was the perfect image for the day.


Yesterday afternoon, my son dropped off their youngest (11 month old Zach) while they went to a baseball game to celebrate their other son Robbie's 5th birthday.  Zach stands alone, crawls really, really fast, and would love to be walking-running.  We spent some time with him in our long hallway, pushing the baby carriage that we bought for Syd for her 1st birthday (but now lives with us to share with the babies).  Here is Zach squealing with delight as Syd and my husband try to slow him down a little.


After Henry, Sydney, and Callum went home and Zach fell asleep, I took a few minutes to paint Zach's really cute little sandal. 



You are a very talented and creative journal creator, artist and grand mother!! I love your blog!!! This summer I have finally gotten my act together and started an art journal and I am letting myself work in it when time permits, not pressuring myself to do it everyday!!! So far so good!! I found you thru your comment on the CPS blog!!
I will be back!
I am thrilled to hear that there has been a new water park added to Central Park for water play for all to enjoy!!!! Such a marvelous addition and about time!!!! Hoep that the heat has backed off a bit in NYC!!!!

The kids are very beautiful. Reminds me of my nieces and nephew - I want to hug them! Love the drawing of the dragon and the shoe is wonderful!

I absolutely love those flash cards drawings, the sandal is so cute and so is the dragon. The kids are beautiful! =) I really wish I'd live to the day I'd be able to see my own grandkids too

Wonderful sketches--no wonder your grandchildren love them! I will be a grandma soon so am inspired by how you weave art into your time with the grandkids.

What a lovely way to remember the weekend, the sandal is so sweet. Your grandchildren look fantastic kids..the description of the little one pushing the pram so fast mad me laugh!

Love your visual journal...It's a wonderful way to remember those one-in-a-lifetime moments


Pd. Beautiful grandchildren :)

You can just tell that you had so much fun! Photographs and time to draw. Amazing.

What sweet grandchildren, and a fun weekend, you captured it all so well in photos and journal entries, and activities, I am sure you are exhausted but great entries here. Enjoy todays cool temps (relatively speaking)

Terrific post! Love the paintings and hearing about your grandchildren!

Lovely sketches. How your grandchildren must love visiting their talented granny! They are beautiful and with your influence, I'll bet you have a few future artists in the making.

lovely photos of your grandchildren and the delightful events that you all do together. Are all of your lovely drawings in one book together, or with other drawings that you do? They capture memories that everyone can treasure forever

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