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Matisse Exhibit at Museum of Modern Art

A new Matisse exhibit opened at MoMA on Sunday - entitled Radical Invention, 1913-1917.  The paintings were somber in color and he was definitely experimenting with the human form, culminating in his painting The Bathers.  I sketched faces from one of his paintings and several of his prints for the Prisoners of Bohain-en-Vermandois.



I then use3d one of the drawings to inspire my "Eyedropper Face" which is Lab 13 from the Carla Sonheim book Drawing Lab.  I used a small eye dropper and FW acrylic ink to draw the face, then painted it with watercolor. 


I'm really enjoying the "labs" in the Sonheim book - and will continue to work through them even though my art buddies returned home after our evening art sessions at our beach week.


I like the eyedropper face!

I love your eyedropper face. I haven't got past the giraffe in the book yet (because I've wasted too much time fiddling with my blog :-) but really must play more with it. It's lovely to see what someone else is doing from it.

Very interesting method of painting (using an eyedropper). I like the results very much! nancy

Really like the portrait. So few lines saying so much.

Love the eyedropper face! I don't have an eyedropper, but I would think that just dipping some kind of stick into the ink might give the same effect. (may have to try that!)

Shirley, I love the portrait of Sarah Stein. I don't know the original, but your interpretation is deftly and beautifully done. Frankly, I'm jealous!

I love these! They are really nice to look at =)

I do envy you being right there in the thick of things and being able to see all these wonderful exhibitions. It is very early on sketchcrawl morning and it's raining so I'm pretty sure we're going to end up at the Art Gallery of NSW today, so we'll be drawing in a gallery too. Glad you're meeting up with Borromini.

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