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Figure Drawing at The Society of Illustrators

 There are two weekly figure drawing sessions at the Society of Illustrators in New York City - and in one of them models are partially or fully clothed.  Last week was the first time that I was there when two models were fully in costume - a Marie Antoinette type costume for one and a pirate costume for the other.  It was the hardest sketching I've done there - a huge challenge.

Here is one of my 2 minute sketches of the woman model - complete with an elaborate wig and full ruffly gown:


Here is one of my 2 minute sketches of the male - in pirate costume, but without all of the braid and other decoration on his jacket, belt, and hat which I just didn't have time to include.


They proceeded to disrobe before the longer poses at the end of the evening.  This is one of the 20 minute poses:




Oh, what FUN, Shirley! She looks so elegant!

Beautiful lines =)

I like them... :)

Lovely work...i love period clothes/costumes...How fun to sketch!!! Am jealous....no kind of this experience exists in Logansport, IN.!!

Excellent quick sketches!

Wow! she should feel really good about these drawings.

It may have been more difficult, but you've made it look easier! Well done! Love the ruffly dress! (it didn't flag 'ruffly' as being spelled wrong, so I assume it's right, even though it doesn't look right at the moment! :)

You did those first two sketches in only two minutes for each! Marvellous!

Lovely loose sketches! Those costumes must have been tough! :)

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