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Continuing with my Mixed Media Journal

I have many sketches of ballet dancers in my journals - all from photos since I can't draw fast enough to catch them in action.  This is a single page spread: the dancers on the top right and bottom left are collages of pages that were scanned, printed, and cut out.  The dancer in the center was drawn on the top layer.  This is another new stamp that I made.


Next:  A 3 page spread of Central Park Zoo animals with many, many penguins.  All of the animals were collages made from prior journal pages made at the Central Park Zoo, except the penguins that appear right above the words "Lots of Penguins."  Those were drawn on a top layer.  I used pieces of a zoo map for the first layer of collage, Neocolor II watercolor crayons, gesso, acrylic paints, and stamps.




really nice journal pages, I like the ballet one with the moments of the different dancers.

I really love these especially the ballet class sketches. You captured the essence and the softness of ballet through the colors and composition. Well Done!!!!

Great new journal project, Shirley. Such graceful dancers you drew.

You are certainly on the creative path. The dancers are so elegant. Great composition.

Oh wow! These are really, really great! I especially like that pose of the dancer sitting down! That is done so well!

You are having way too much fun with these mixed media pages :-) They are all so wonderful. I am really enjoying seeing these and I especially like the dancers.

Oh wow! Beautiful job with the stance of the dancers, and love those animals...I must say, Penguins have to be some of my favorites out there in animal kingdom.

Well it sure looks like you are having a grand time playing in this journal. It's looking great too. I like your idea of putting in the collage and all but adding a fresh drawing to it also. Very nice work.

Great work Shirley.

Really gorgeous pages - I love that blue! I don't know anyone who can draw fast enough to draw ballet dancers in motion!

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