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A New Project

My art buddies brought their sketchbooks to the Met when we went to see the Picasso exhibit and I told them how much I loved their mixed media pages.  Melly said - try it, put more than one thing on a page.  Pat said add layers, many layers.  I had an 8 X 10" journal that I made from Teesha Moore's 16 Page Journal You Tube video several weeks ago so I decided to use it and to accept their challenges.  However, I wanted to make collages from my own sketchbook pages and add at least one new drawing to each page.  

I pulled out all of my random art supplies and played for one week - just letting the pages evolve from printed sketchbook pages.  Here is the front cover, and the first 2 pages.  The collage painting on the cover was from the Poiret Fashion Exhibit at the Met and she reminded me of a muse.  The Picasso page has several of his Barcelona artist caricatures collaged in one of the layers and a Picasso inspired drawing on top.  My Maternite page has several of my pregnant model stamp images which I cut out and added as collages and the drawing of mother and child on top.  Both drawings were done with acrylic ink and a dip pen.




 The next page is a double spread and will need to be photographed, not scanned, so I will probably add it within the next few days.


Oh Shirley, what fun! I. must. play. more.
You enjoy girl!

Love the experimentation! I have to try this sometime myself. You have many interesting effects by doing this layering, although I have only the vaguest idea of how one would do this. I really like the line drawing of mother and child.

Beautiful posts Shirley =)

Beautiful work and lovely drawings ! I bet this experiment brought you a lot of fun and interesting surprises !

Yeah! you have some neat friends who push you. Yeah! you have met the challenge. Someone in EDM, used stamp pads for a background and I am beginning to cautiously use that as a first layer. Nice work!

Wonderful pages, I really like your layering and collage, writing inclusions. Love the maternity page.

Nice start! Can't wait to see how far you'll go with this!

It looks like you had a great time doing these! They're wonderful!

Layering always yields interesting results but isn't it time-consuming! I very much like the way you tell about your influences.

Loving your new layering style!

What lovely pages - I especially like the way your have pasted the image on the front in several parts.

I love the way you use type in your art and the Maternite piece is such a lovely drawing.

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