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Every Day in May - 31

Our Journal Study Group is going to the Central Park Zoo to sketch on Wednesday, so I decided to play with my Neocolors II crayons and previous drawings of the Zoo penguins to get ready!  They have Gentoo and Chinstrap varieites which are drawn here.  I had to use white and black acrylic paint, not my usual transparent watercolors, to paint these little guys over the crayon.  We'll miss you Melly and Susan.



They are so cute! I really like the lettering, too, it adds a lot to the page.

They are just darling. I've always had a soft spot for the little guys! nancy

Whoa, Wait! Several pages with LAYERS. Um. I am so proud of you! Seems like you are really working it and you must be getting MESSY over there. I will miss you too.

This is a very fun page!

We are just back from the Galapagos and these little guys bring back fond memories of the little penguins on the Islands. A fantastic trip if you love black lava walks and swimming with sea lions.

Love the different techniques you tried here!

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