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Another Mixed Media Journal Page

I looked through my sketchbooks and decided that I had several drawings of my grand daughter Sydney that I would like to combine on a double page spread.  I scanned and printed 3 images -two from her life in London as a 2 year old.  The drawing on the top left was Sydney and her brother Henry (age 3) in Hyde Park when she insisted that he hold her hand.  Right below it is a similar painting from Central Park, NYC from this year.  On the far right is Sydney wearing a "dress-up" hat at the Victoria and Albert's Children's Museum in London.  As you can tell, I'm most comfortable drawing my grandchildren from the back.

The monkey drawing was done right on this page, to celebrate her "lovey" who still goes places with her.  You can probably see him in the drawing of her in Hyde Park as well.  And the drawing of Sydney was also done right on this page - from a drawing I did in May as a Bert Dodson Exercise on drawing foreshortened heads. 

This page has lots of layers, including collaged text papers under my cut-out drawings, paint, gesso, stamps, waterproof ink calligraphy ink, Pitt pens, and more paint.



Love the angle of her head with the ice cream cone----a wonderfully thought out page with Lovey hanging in there !

I love this, Shirley, complex but still your clean simple lines. Delightful!

This is an excellent page! I love the one of Sidney with the ice cream cone. Great perspective!

Nothing like jumping into a project at full speed. You certainly made a great composition!

I really like this! Its a good inspiration for me since I will soon have a grandchild to sketch for and with (and do other fun things with too I hope).

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