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Every Day in May - 28

I used an image that I did several weeks ago at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park to make this design for a card. 




Shirley, this is terrific. Do I spy some ff designs?

Just caught up with all your work. Love the flowers and the ink...and the life drawing is great!

What a great card. I just use my photographs for cards, but I really like your design. Ahh, more inspiration. The sign language drawings is another challenge for me to consider. Wait! can I do it all?

the card you made is excellent! Impressive as heck...I like how creative Picasso was back in my earlier years and saw a great exhibit where they featured very many different styles that he had done--the Blue Period was one--I also copied his Musicians with the the wonderful colors and cubist style--then his sculptues of animals and primitive influences made me love his interests being not static...winna

THe blue you use for around the subject radiates calmness and peacefulness. Wonderful job!

This has a wonderful amount of depth.

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