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Everyday in May - 9

Yesterday was our monthly Saturday Meet-up Central Park Drawing and Art Group - and we met at Columbus Circle.  It was a beautiful day but very windy.  My eye immediately went to these purple flowers.  I'll add several photos so I can get help identifying them.  The entire circle was surrounded by these long stem beauties.




We then moved into Central Park to the area around the childrens' playground and the big climbing rock.  It was much less windy and more pleasant for 30 minutes of sketching.  I chose to do a painting of the top of the GM building over the park trees. 


Finally we moved further into Central Park and climbed to the Chess and Checker House.  There were only a few people playing, I was sitting too close to this couple, so I have a semi-caricature because I couldn't really stare at them long enough to sketch anything accurately.




Lovely sketches and definitely a fruitful sketch crawl. My mom would go crazy over those purple flowers =)

I love the picture of the folks playing chess - they have a lot of character, and don't look like caricatures to me. The other sketches are very fine too.

I do like your paintings. Every other day I come here to see what is new. Your paintings give me a peaceful feeling. And really beautiful. I love them.

You know I see them all the time and don't know the name either. But they are beautiful and you did a wonderful job with them!

I can see why your eye went to the flowers. Very attractive. No, I don't know the name. Yes, the question is: how to draw people without them feeling uncomfortable?

Great job on the sketches. The flowers are a bulb in the onion family called Allium. They might be Allium christophii or Star of Persia.

The painting of flowers is wonderful - they look like a type of agapanthus (and that is the limit of my botanical knowledge) . The colour is spot on !
The Sketch Meet up sounds like a wonderful day

I believe Alum is the flower (bulb) they are striking and my eye would have been drawn there also - lovely sketches of lovely subjects!

I would have trouble drawing people who might wonder why I was staring at them too! Your drawings are all great. I don't know what the flowers are. I thought maybe agapanthus but they aren't quite the same. These are very pretty and you did a nice job of painting them. I like your building over the tree tops too - so very city! Looks like you had a very successful drawing day.

Wonderful sketches. I agree with the Allium identification. Looks as if you had a great time! Wish I could join you.

It looks like another great day sketching for you! I really like the people playing chess. You did great considering you were so close. I have that same problem all the time, with staring. I even had two guys get up and leave when they noticed me!

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