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Every Day in May - 10

I had a leisurely Mother's Day yesterday and then joined my NYC children and their spouses for dinner!  It was wonderful relaxing in my PJs all day.  When we returned from dinner, I decided to draw my art mannequin in pencil (look closely) and then dress her in my PJs to remember this lovely day.  



What a great idea - a pajama day for you and the mannequin! Glad you had such a nice time. nancy

Good idea and nice sketch. I like the way we can still see the mannequin' s shape !

Nice job!

Great idea and a wonderful job executing it!!

Awwwwww... The art mannequin must be happy! What a great way to remember a memorable evening. I want an art mannequin too! ^^

This is such a simple, but neat idea. Like, oh duh, why haven't I done it?

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