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Every Day in May - 8

This is a preliminary drawing that I did of an apartment building on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  I promised a larger painting and just wanted to play with the angles and perspective in my sketch book.

I'd love some suggestions for mixing a really good dirty brick color.



Excellent sketch! Sorry, I don't have any advice for the brick color.

I can't help with the dirty brick color either, but I sure do like this sketch! nancy

Great sketch.

I am just enjoying the details on the brick wall, and the steel rails ^^ great stuff!

Excellent sketch! For brick color, I normally cheat...I have "english red" which just happens to work. Other than than, I would try adding some browns and reds together and experiment. And, another thought, ask Nina Johannsen; she's always doing brick colors!

This is excellent - it looks like a book illustration. Wonderful! I like the simple palette. My experience is that W&N Indian Red mixed with just about anything makes great earth tones - some good for brick.

Great sketch...is this a famous building?

Beautiful drawing/painting! I love the balcony above the awning. I wonder how this would look in FF!

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