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Every Day in May - 27

Hand Drawing Practice:

I try to regularly draw hands because I'm so bad at them.  Last September I decided to also draw the American Sign Language alphabet from photos on an ASL website.  I use a watercolor pencil to sketch and then add water to get shading.  This is something that I do when I have nothing else to record visually from my life that day - so I'm only half way through the alphabet.  It isn't obvious to me that I'm getting any better with faced with hands during live figure drawing.  Maybe I need to sketch 10,000 to achieve competency.




Just popping in to say hi and tell you again how motivating it is to see your sketches. I got to spend a couple of hours in Birmingham with your friend Sarah this week. Several of us met at the Botanical Garden to sketch and have lunch together. Her sketchbooks are fantastic and she was very generous in sharing her process. I hope you are having a wonderful spring!

Shirley I love your style, especially your approach to drawing and to the discipline of drawing hands. The ASL project is a good one that I'll have to try, too. You have a great blog!

What a great idea to use sign language as a way to draw hands! I love it!! nancy

I think it's great that you challenge yourself on a difficult subject. Your hands are turning out great. My nemesis are trees. And what a neat idea to incorporate the ASL into your "hand"iwork!

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