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Every Day in May - 26

I was using this dip pen and FW acrylic ink for another project and decided that I love it!  Not great for shading because the line is too wide.  This ink bottle is for sure one of the "uglies" for the month - but the pen and nib drawing is OK.  This is a Speedball 5 1/2 nib.



Oh yeah, I think the ink looks wonderful, and the pen has A LOT of class =)

Really nice sketch. I really like the use of Sepia and the colored stripe behind the pen and ink bottle. Nice composition.

Excellent sketch!! Also, I'm not sure why, but I wasn't able to open your website for most of the day...it kept timing out on me. I kept trying though and glad I did!

Really great sketch, wonderful composition!

I know you enjoyed sketching at the zoo!
You might look for some Crow Quill (dip pens). They are great for drawing, very fine, but do split easily, sinde they are so delicate. Once you figure out how much pressure to use, they are great for fine lines, textures, and shading.
They also have some pen points that have a fine line and are made for drawing.
There are also some colored inks, if you would like to try those.
Brushes work well, too. I've also used those bamboo pen/brushes. They are cut for a shape of a pen at one end, and have a pointed brush at the other end. You do have to dip them, but they are fun to use!

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