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Every Day in May - 11

Yesterday I went shopping with a very nice Mother's Day gift card.  I replenished some supplies, extended colors in some watercolor paints, and bought one new toy.  Since I have a lovely set of Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils that I bought from open stock over several years, I'm not sure how I will use these - but it is fun to play.  And I'm sure my grand daughter Sydney will help me.  I'd love to hear how others, who use both watercolor paint and pencils, use the crayons....




The reason I purchased my Neocolor II is because I was introduced to them in an issue of Quilting Arts magazine. There was an article that explained using the crayons on muslin fabric, spraying the design with water to bring out the color, and then ironing to heat-set it. Then they made beautiful quilted pillows from the painted fabric. They are fun to use on fabric but they are just fun...period! Enjoy your new toy!

Oooooh! I have a suggestion, bring these to any restaurant with paper on table top. You'd cheer your waiter/waitress up(sometimes even those who are waiting for other tables will even come all the way rubber necking at your table) for the day =)

Oh, I'm salivating! And wow, I love Deborah's suggestion!

Yes, I agree with Deborah. They are great on fabrics. I made a wall hanging using them and then threadpainting over the fabric. It sold and I do not have it any more but I have a picture that I will send you when I find it. The article in Quilting Arts was by Holly Knott and it has great instructions. But you also use them the way you would use watercolor pencils on paper. The colors are more vibrant. Happy experimentation and hooray for mothers'day!

What a coincidence. In my tote bag which was waiting by my front door when I spotted "THE DRIPPING PIPE" was a piece of art in which I used those crayons. Alas, I was bringing it for show and tell at your apt. - never made it, did I? It was published in CPS - last year? year before? Their Triptych Challenge. They are so much fun to work with. You can even screen print on fabric or paper using them.

I am enjoying mine very much. In fact, I want a bigger set! The only thing I miss is the smell of real crayons.

Great drawing of a fun new toy. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use them. Have fun!! nancy

I have some of these and they are out on my table, but I haven't used them this time around. Will bring my journal tomorrow though! Nice job, Shirley

I have some but haven't used them. I saw on one blog ( http://tinyurl.com/2euq9uy ) where they are used to make a simple background for journaling. I've seen them on fabrics as mentioned above but wonder if they are washable - for me, everything needs to be washable. They are supposed to do what watercolor pencils do but larger so if you want a sky a few strokes rather than coloring and coloring with a pencil. Let's see what you do!

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