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EDM Challenges 262-264

When I joined Everyday Matters in 2005, most of the sketches in my sketchbook were EDM weekly challenges.  When I started sketching daily in 2006, I still added one of the challenges to my journals and blog each week.  Now the weeks seem to pass quickly and several weeks go by without me thinking about the challenge.  Then I decide to do 2 or 3 at once!  That is what happened last week.

EDM Challenge # 262: Draw Your Shower



EDM Challenge # 263: Draw Your Favorite Cleaning Supply


EDM Challenge # 264: Draw a Floor




Beautifully done Shirley =) I don't think being quick or slow, early or late in arts makes any difference. Then again, mine are always late anyway..teehee. I love how I am able to tell that the art work is simply yours now. It's great to be able to tell one's signature.

These are all good, but I especially love your library rug!

Shirley, for your continued inspiration, I've given you an Over the Top Award. Hope that you enjoy the fun.

Wonderful job on all of these! And don't feel bad for being late; I don't even do them unless I notice that something I drew fits one accidentally! ;D

Good work that have produce good art.

The Library rug is great - the hint of so much detail and colour ! I started doing the challenges at 199 and do them in the week as they are posted (if I do them). One day, I will go back and do the others - but there are so many other drawing projects to keep me inspired ...

I really liked your shower. The colors are great and so is the transparency. What about this floor detail! It is soooo nice! Good job!

All are terrific, but I love the rug!

Thanks for the inspiration! I just love your work. I was in Kate's Artist Journal online class last fall too. I recently rejoined the EDM group to get me to draw more and I'm so happy to see someone I "know", if you know what I mean. :-D Great work!

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