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More Dodson Drawing Projects: Chapter 3

I am slowly working my way through the Dodson Keys to Drawing book projects.  I have two more projects in Chapter 3 and five more chapters total.

I posted Project 3A - Standing Figure - in January. 

Project 3B is to draw a lounging figure.  I used a photo from my book The Nude Figure by Mark Edward Smith. 


Project 3C is to draw a reclining figure (foreshortened).  I used another photo from my book The Nude Figure by Mark Edward Smith. 


Project 3D is to draw a full face portrait.  I used a photo of Obama and practiced using a grid system.  The drawing can be seen here.

Project 3E is to draw a three-quarter view portrait.  I used a photo from morguefile.com.


Although there is a section on drawing profiles, there is no project for drawing a profile in the book.  But I decided that I needed the practice.  I used a photo from morguefile.com. 



Nice job. Wow, you are working really hard getting so many drawings done! I really like the eyes on the 3/4 portrait! Very expressive.

Very interesting study Shirley! =) I have to say that they are really good. Usually I am a bit shy and wouldn't comment on any nude paintings. If you have noticed it, I hadn't comment any of yours either. Maybe it's just the asian side of me acting up. Usually we keep quite when we see something like that. I know if I would want to be an artist I need to get rid of the thoughts that drawing human anatomy is something bad/dirty. ^^ pardon me, I am strange I know.

I love seeing these exercises!

Well done you - it takes a lot of discipline to keep going like this - I hope you feel you're learning a lot.

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