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April 7, 2010

Weekend with Annabelle

We spent last weekend with our son's family in Washington DC - belatedly celebrating Annabelle's 2nd birthday.  I started keeping a watercolor sketchbook for her when she was born, and try to complete one daily journal page during our visits.  Previous pages can be seen here.

Annabelle and her Daddy on a walk:



Her new birthday scooter and helmet from cousins Robbie and Zach:



April 3, 2010

EDM Challenges 262-264

When I joined Everyday Matters in 2005, most of the sketches in my sketchbook were EDM weekly challenges.  When I started sketching daily in 2006, I still added one of the challenges to my journals and blog each week.  Now the weeks seem to pass quickly and several weeks go by without me thinking about the challenge.  Then I decide to do 2 or 3 at once!  That is what happened last week.

EDM Challenge # 262: Draw Your Shower



EDM Challenge # 263: Draw Your Favorite Cleaning Supply


EDM Challenge # 264: Draw a Floor



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