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Drawing Hands

 We took our 6 year old grandson Henry to the 3rd Young People's Concert in this year's series at the New York Philharmonic and a fabulous Spanish guitarist was the soloist with the orchestra.  We were sitting too far away for me to see his hands, so I sketched him from one of his website photos for my daily sketch.  His hands really were in that position, but it reminded me that I need lots more practice drawing hands.  I am slowly drawing each letter from photos on an American Sign Language website and I decided that it was time for J and K.  Pablo Saenz Villegas was drawn with my water-soluble Pilot Varsity pen and then brushed with water.




American Sign Language letters - drawn with a watercolor pencil from photos on a website.



So cool! You are getting really good at figures (including hands) and using the ASL letters to practice is brilliant!

Love the way the colors dissolve into the background of the guitar man. The hands are so well proportioned! :) Great way to draw hands especially when you're educating at the same time.

I agree - what a good idea to use ASL to practice hands! Your sketch of the guitarist is really wonderful! Very nice, indeed. nancy

Really like the idea of drawing the hands that speak "sign language". Nicely done.

You have really captured the hands in the sign language pictures. The guitarist is awesome too.

Lovely sketch and what a great way to practice hands!

Wonderful sketches; and I agree with everyone else, it is a brilliant way to practice hands!

Lovely drawings! Using sign language hands is such a great idea for practice!

Hands AND feet are so difficult to draw. I like your letter signs. I think that's an awesome idea for hand practice. I may just have to do that, too. Thanks for sharing this.

Excellent idea - I think I'll follow you on that hand practice. I always look at the way artists do hands and feet to see if they can really draw. You are doing so well!

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