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More Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Practice

Even though I appear to have the same pen as other members of EDM, my pen ink runs when I add a watercolor wash.  These two drawings dried for 15 and 30 minutes respectively and you can still see where my wet brush touched the ink.  It might be due to the Fabriano soft press paper that I use, but since I don't plan to change paper, or the way I work with ink and watercolor, I will just have to accept this!


                  Drawn from a book of Picasso "One Liners"


           Drawn by pausing the fantastic polar bear video that was shown during the Olympics.


It's really rather pleasing, Shirley--kind of spontaneous, though I know it's not the effect you were after...

Looks good to me! I like the stylized sketch at the top, and the content bear at the bottom.

I agree with Kate! I like it! I do hope you find ink you're happy with though, because you handle the brushpen very well. I really like your line work!

The colors filled in very nicely! :) I like it when they are subtle like that. The polar bears are pretty!

Great sketches and I kind like the running of the ink where your brush touches it.

Well, I can't speak to the pens, but I do think the sketches are mitey fine! nancy

Sounds like an interesting book. I love the sketches. I have a similar pen that I bought in Japan but haven't actually done a sketch with it yet. (Japan was over 4 years ago). Coming up soon.

I like what you did with the Picasso book, the composition is neat. And your polar bear page is wonderful!

Nice pages Shirley! Hands are soo tricky - somtimes I sit and draw pages of my own hands, using a mirror for different angels, just for practice. The sign language alphabet is a great idea!

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