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My Third Watercolor Journal with Dye Painted Book Cloth

I made my 3rd watercolor journal with another piece of fabric that I dye-painted - this time striped using corn dextrin resist with procion MX dyes.  This is  a 6 X 8" watercolor journal containing Fabriano Artistico 140 lb Soft Press paper - 6 signatures with 2 folios each.  The bookcloth was prepared by fusing my fabric to Thai mulberry paper using Wonder Under - see more about the method here.


I used color-coordinated MiTientes paper as end papers. 


There is still one more piece of fabric that I made in this first batch, and since I'm now using a big roll of Fabriano Artistico paper, I will make a 4th book to gain more experience handling the big pieces of paper instead of the usual 22 X 30 inch sheets.  There are 48 single pages in each book so will have enough watercolor journals on my shelf to last 5-6 months!


Another lovely book! I like the nice, bright colors on this one. nancy

Your books are amazing! I am very inspired to make my own books too.

Shirley, these are so amazing. I would love to be able to do this and I have even bought books on the subject. However, it looks so daunting that I can't seem to even get started. I am so impressed by your beautiful books and that you have the paper of choice for your journals. Lucky you!


These look wonderful -really professional looking. I'm very impressed!

Beautiful! I love the stripes with those bright colors. I guess I have been craving some bright color lately. Your books are an inspiration!

I have sketchbook envy!! These are beautiful. I love the designs on the covers!

These are just delicious. I loveyour yummy colors. I need to get my order in for soft press paper. I'm really glad to read about your method for attaching paper to cloth. Time to plan a book making weekend here! Did you end up with "waste" with the 6x8 size?

Great books! Wow, you invested in a whole roll of the paper? That should make a lot of art and books but I think it's a great way to use the grain of the paper with the least amount of waste.

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