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My Pens and Watercolor Paints

In Kate's "Artist's Journal class" we are exploring various media that we own or have never used and this week I sketched my whole repetoire of pens and the 3 watercolor triads that I use for mixing colors.  After documenting what I had, I decided to make a trip to NY Central Art Supply today to learn about nibs for dip pens and to bring some home to try.

Here are all of the sample pages done as over the last 3 days:








Whoa, I can't believe that speedball wrote so much on one dip! I've always hated dip pens because they dried out so quickly. And it didn't get scratchy or anything due to your left-handedness (I'm also a lefty, so this is good info!) Love these pages!

What excellent ideas for journal pages and just to do - how much stuff do we end up with that just lies around? I love that third triad - beautiful colours.

Thanks so much for sharing. I can't take Kate's class right now, so I am enjoying seeing what it is all about!

Now that's the sort of homework I love: Go to an art store and buy supplies :)

That is amazing mileage from one dip, Shirley. I do love a real pen and ink. Does the Speedball have one of those little brass reservoirs under the nib? I used to use those with calligraphy pens.

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