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My Christmas Poinsettia

Three of my grandchildren are with us while my daughter recuperates from a minor surgical procedure.  The days are full and lots of fun - yesterday we visited the art computers and their favorite places in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  While they watched the Mary Poppins movie before bed, I did a really quick painting of my Christmas poinsettia.


That's lovely! You must be having so much fun with them, especially right before Christmas. Merry Christmas!

This is nice! Great job - especially since it is a quick painting. I like the yellow in the background too!

I love poinsettias - such a beautiful red as is the one in your drawing. Hope you are still enjoying your celebrations.

Juggling three grandchildren and a watercolour brush is a marvellous skill, Shirley. You are to be congratulated - and envied. I'm late for Christmas but I do wish you a very happy 2010.

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