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Christmas Creativity 2009

I always sew ornaments and presents for Christmas - but actually made fewer things than last year.  How could I be busier in retirement than when working?  Not pictured here is Annabelle's cotton velveteen quilt, which is now a family tradition - one for each grandchild on their 2nd Christmas.  My blog name, Paper and Threads, reminds me that textiles are an important part of my life and I try to periodically post the other half of ME!

A Mixed-Media Ornament for my Children's Christmas trees:  Created with paper, fabric, and fabric paints.



Giraffes for my 4 grandsons:  I dye painted unbleached muslin to make the giraffe skin and then made the ornaments.


Peacocks for my two grand daughters (and of course me!):  I knew Sydney would love the Swarovski crystals on each tail feather! 


Zach's Stocking:  Each new grandchild needs a stocking for Grandma to fill for Christmas Eve.


Zach's Gift Bag - for all of the bigger gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.  We don't wrap presents at all any more.  Over the last 15 years I made gift bags for veryone in the entire family.  The antlers, ear, and tail are all 3-D, not patchwork. 



You are so creative! These are wonderful treasures for your family! Also, you should submit your giraffe to the one million giraffes project! http://www.olahelland.net/giraffes/

I make ornaments every year for my nieces and I really enjoyed seeing the ones you made this year. They are really fun and cute. I'm sure they're well-loved. nancy

I am so jealous of your giraffes! What a lovely idea and design!

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