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Visual Journal Pages

I signed up for Kate Johnson's Visual Journaling Class and I'm trying to focus my sketches on my daily activities for several weeks.

I sketched and painted a detail from a beautiful stained class window at the Museum of the City of New York during a visit there this week.   


The following day we took care of our newest grandchild and I sketched his "lovey" - a British Jellycat animal called Scrumpty Elly.  My daughter-in-law takes his picture with this animal every month to see Zach's growth.  I sketched him with my non-permanent Varsity pen and then just wet the elephant to create the color.


I made two new codex watercolor journals this week, and while I had my bookbinding equipment out, I made two watercolor pamphlet style journals with waste watercolor paper from a few recent recycled books.  One of them is a gift for a friend, the other may be the perfect watercolor booklet for my grand daughter.


Today we took our oldest grandchild to the New York Philharmonic Young People's Concert and I had approximately 10 minutes before the lights went down to quickly sketch the stage.  Henry and I talked about the colors so I could remember them until I got home.



Wow Shirley, I really like the colors of these drawings, especially the illustration styled flowers, and the dissolved parts of the elephant, I think it is ecstatic!

Glad you're taking Kate's class too! I love the sketch of the Philharmonic - I can feel the awesomeness of space in that room!

I am looking forward to Kate's class too! These are wonderful sketches - I especially like Elly :-)

What interesting watercolors and story. You have a great touch.

Well that did it! Like I needed another class to take. Well, I've gone and signed up as this sounded pretty darn good.

I love your drawings of your little watercolor booklets and your grandchild's toy too. Well, the symphony came out nice also. Hope Henry had a great time. I'm figuring Grandma did of course.

So happy to know you will be in Kate's class with me!

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