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Journal Pages for the Last Two Days

I love strolling on Madison Avenue, past the windows of the famous designer boutiques.  But Madison Ave also has its share of street vendors, and as I walked up on Friday, I sketched their wares and the street decoration that has already been added to the lamposts for Christmas.


When I carry my sketchbook and pencil case, I also carry this artist grade travel set of watercolors by Daler-Rowney, but half the time I draw when I'm out and then paint using my regular Winsor-Newton palette at home.  I plan to replace these paints with my palette, but never do...maybe next year.  The size and shape of this travel set is wonderful - and the mixing areas include the flat areas and 4 deep end wells.




Very nice pages. I love the look of them with their ink and watercolor washes. It looks like a nice travel watercolor kit but in a busy shopping area I can see how you'd want to wait to add the color after getting home.

Such a lovely post ^^ It makes all hearts feel like celebrating, giving and receiving.

I've left an award on my blog for you. Come and see!

I feel like I walked up Madison Ave. myself. Nice composition. Your watercolor set looks really nice too!

Love the colors and the way you drew everything. Good pages.

Love the group composition. Your color palette is always enticing!

I love the Daler Rowney watercolor travel kit you have illustrated in your journal. But where can I find one?

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