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Figure Drawing and Drawing the Masters

I love to copy drawings from the Masters when I find one in a museum exhibit that really speaks to me. 

I have a book of Delacroix pastels and love his drawings/pastels/watercolors from Morocco.  When I saw several originals in a recent exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I decided that I needed to visit the New York Public Library to see the book Delacroix in Morocco (which is out of print and really expensive).  While there, I sketched this figure, took a digital photo of the print in the book, and then painted it at home. 


I loved a drawing by Dutch artist Jacob Backer (1608-1651) which hangs in the current Vermeer exhibit at the Met and returned for a second 30 minute visit just to do this sketch.  The small original is on light blue paper with black and white chalk, but I did mine in sepia watercolor pencil, in case I decided to "paint" the drawing at any time.


Tonight I am going to my second figure drawing session at the Society of Illustrators and did the following 90 second posemaniacs.com drawings as a warm-up.  These figures are computer generated and are frequently in tortured positions, but they change randomly every 90 seconds so I can't think much about what I'm drawing which is great practice. 



You are getting so good at the human figure!!

I just tried posemaniacs! great site, very good training for a real figure drawing session, have fun.
Very nice sketches alla Delacroix and Backer

Love your rendition of Delacroix.

I like the background, the colors,
the lines, and how D appears to be
stepping out of the frame.

The quote on the right is
perfectly matched with the wonderment
in D's eyes.

I too would have been charmed
by the water girl. Well done!

Hope you enjoy the International
Quilt Festival.


Enjoyed your drawings. I'd love the stained glass window but not so close to my home! I love your use of watercolor to top off your sketches.

What a great way to learn from the masters ^^ Like a good musician playing and hitting the right notes at the right time, you've nailed these and perhaps brought you to a whole new level in artistry.
Quilt festival sounds fun, too bad I don't do that. My aunt used to make quilts for me, it's like a birthday gift to all the new borns in the family, and I loved my blanket, but it was completely destroyed by my itchy fingers :) I had it for years though

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