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2nd Figure Drawing Session at The Society of Illustrators

I went to my second figure drawing session last evening at the New York Society of Illustrators with my friend Istar.  On Tuesday evenings the models are nude, on Thursday evenings the models may wear parts of costumes.  I wanted to experience both - and liked both evenings equally well.  The setting is wonderful and there is live music during the entire 3 hours.  I came home with 9 two minute, 4 five minute, 2 ten minute, and 3 twenty minute sketches.  I'm just going to post examples of each.

The models posed with multiple hula hoops - the male model in yellow harem pants and the female model in a red bra and black leggings.  The addition of the hoops made the 2 minute sketches more difficult, but fun.


Two models and a hula hoop even made 5 minute sketches a challenge.


I wanted to remember the costumes in this 10 minute sketch and colored parts with watercolor pencils - but the paper didn't take water well and buckled slightly.  For this pose, he put on a black hat and soft ball necklace and she put on an umbrella hat.  And she really did have dyed shocking pink hair!


A ten minute pose, with one sitting and one standing - and in different costumes:


Both disrobed, but the male model wore his black hat and brown boots for the final 20 minute sketch.  I continue to have trouble fitting everything on the page when I'm working quickly (just one more thing to work on in 2010!), so you can't see his boots.




This looks like such a fun thing to do. I would have loved to take that class. Right now I am just enjoying that site you listed last time on posemaniacs.com. THanks again for sharing that.

You've done a wonderful job! I wish I could find one of these near me! The arms on the last drawing really stand out to me, as being so well done! Love the pose!

Your figure drawings are fantastic! I really like the quick sketches. So much expression in your line.

Shirley, These are great. You have really captured the poses and character of the models- especially the first pose. Your descriptions of the evening makes me feel as though I was there too. (especially since I have been there once and can picture all that you describe) .

These are so good - I especially like the one with the yellow bobble necklace. Fancy getting all that down in ten minutes!

Wow! I don't think I've be able to hold the pencils right if I have to sketch anyone nude o_O Really admire your steadiness and courage Shirley! I am trying to imagine me doing it, I am sure my heart will pump so much faster and I am sure I'd have to take my sweater off and all, because that's how I am everytime I draw, my heart rate goes way up high and my body heats up... :) Sometimes I think I am weird.

Wonderful drawings! I am going to find a way to go to one of those classes with you - it sounds like so much fun!

Hi Shirley, It looks like all those practice figure drawings from photos really paid off. These are great. The figure drawing sessions sound wonderful with the costumes and music and two models and hula hoops! Jana

Great sketches Shirley...you arte doing SO well with these difficult hoops and all the other accessories! I would be completely distraced by it all!


Thanks for inspiring me with your sketches and for sharing the posemaniac.com website.

great sketches!! looks like an inspirational way to do figure drawing!

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