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Two Exercises for Daily Drawings:

I did several "play" exercises before I left last week for the Quilt Festival. 

Prepainting a Page Background: Roz http://rozwoundup.typepad.com/roz_wound_up/ recommends prepainting the background on some pages in your sketchbook and then just drawing and painting over it.  I prepainted every other double-page spread in my first sketchbook (2003) based on exercises derived from the Gwen Diehn book The Decorated Page, but have not done it since.  My daughter found a new leather pencil case for me and I wanted to draw it with one of each category of tool I carry in it.  To make the background more interesting, I decided to prepaint it, let it dry, and then proceed with my drawing.



Anatomy for Action Figure Drawing:  Angela Gair and Anthony Colbert, in their book The Sketchbook Kit, recommend that you "amuse yourself by drawing little sketches that show how the skeleton moves, in order to understand how the joints operate."  I love this concept and finally tried drawing their little skeletons, just in time for Halloween.




Very elegant looking pencil case that is! And I really like your pens and pencil :) That apart, the sketches are wonderful, especially the skeleton... it would pass for a Terminator if you ask me, the proportion is just really good!

Thanks for sharing! Love the skeletons!

I have never tried prepainting pages - I think I may try this! Two very sucessful sketches.

Nice pages! I really like the process of pre-painting too. You are working in layers before you begin the drawing. The media is evident and stands on its own - and there is this interconnecting flow for your composition too.

You have been taking on so many new challenges in your drawings recently - congratulations. Did you find that the prepainted pages helped you put marks onto paper? I am no longer as 'scared'of a blank white pages anymore in my Moleskine, but I am not sure how I would approach a coloured page. Do you paint on the next page you turn to or find one that suits your subject? I must try this soon...

Very nice drawings, and the skeletons are great! nancy

New case looks great and I love the skeleton sketching idea!

Both pages great. I must try the painted pages and look into the Sketchbook Kit. Thanks for sharing.

I have heard about the idea of the background but have always been nervous to try with watercolors because it is transparent. Great experimenting (I will also try this someday, following in your footsteps)! I think the pen set is great and the background does make it more interesting. And the skeletons are phenomenal!

I'm not familiar with "The Sketchbook Kit," but I love-love-love!!! the idea of sketching skeletons in this manner to experientially learn movement in drawing. You did a fantasitic job here. I'm going to try it, too!

Wow - the skeletons are really GOOD!!

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