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Paper and Threads Representations of a New York City Subway Mosaic

I was invited to applique a square for the Empire Quilt Guild 2011 Raffle Quilt.  All of the eighteen 11 inch squares are based on New York City subway mosaics and I was thrilled to be assigned the Chambers Street IRT mosaic of Kings College.  We are a Columbia University family and Kings College was the original college which became Columbia University after the Revolution.

I was gvien an applique pattern that was drafted from a photo in a NYC subway book, but decided that I wanted to make my own.  I photographed many of the mosaics which run along both the uptown and downtown platform walls trying to find one that wasn't too damaged by age.


I drew and painted the mosaic in my daily sketchbook, to try to familiarize myself with the complex design before making a new pattern and selecting fabrics.


I just completed the applique square - which required more time than any single 11 inch square I ever made - mostly because I decided that I wanted to applique every stone of the building on individually! 



Shirley, I really like this charming piece. Doing each stone separately greatly contributes to the mosaic feeling. Well done. I hope you'll post a link to a photo of the finished quilt when it's done.

Absolutely impressive! I seriously prefer your version better, both painting and the quilt ^^

Wow! Such patience - this is beautiful.

A very involved process, very impressive. I've always loved the subway mosaics, but I've never drawn them. Thanks for sharing the photo and drawing - your end product is stunning.

This is so beautifully thought out and executed, Shirley. I'd be thrilled to frame it by itself. It will be a stand-out contribution to the quilt. I'd like to see the whole quilt eventually too.

I love the two figures at the bottom.

This is amazing work. I am a ex-quilter and applique was beyond me. I hope to see the whole quilt too.

WOW! You did a wonderful job!

Congratulations. This is true to the original artist's work, and to your own craft. Beautiful.

Patience, patience, patience (wow!). I really like what you did. Lots of talent in art and stitching went into this.

Shirley, This is LOVELY! Congratulations!

Wow, beautiful work, and such patience and hard work gone into it. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Wow, I'm blown away at this project. Very impressive, very inspiring. What a great piece you've made!!

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