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Sketchbook Pages

Three more journal pages to upload for this week:

On Saturday my husband and I took a wonderful long walk from Washington Square, through the West Village to Hudson River Park and then back again.  We stopped for a lovely, early dinner at Po's Restaurant on Cornelia Street.  The weather was so wonderful and the inspiration came from my new favorite NYC blog - Walking Off The Big Apple.  I could see this table and bouquet of flowers from my seat - just enough to sketch and paint it during dinner.


Monday we visited the Museum of Modern Art with friends and at the end of the afternoon I sat in the room with the new Monet Water Lily paintings and sketched a few of the people as they stopped in front of the paintings.  I had just enough time to make a quick sketch, so I decided to leave them unpainted and put the paint colors from some of Monet's paintings as the background. 



I stopped at Bryant Park yesterday to draw/paint the carousel horse that our grandson Callum rode on several weeks ago.  I had time before the New York Public Library opened and the carousel was not yet open for business.  Perfect timing!



What a good idea to leave the people unpainted and paint the background! Your painting of the carousel horse is really nice. It sounds like you had a great day. I live in Hooterville, and there are no museums anywhere near us. When I read postings by people who live in New York, I must confess, I feel a bit of envy for a second. nancy

Really like the carousel horse :) because I think the placing of colors here is amazing. You've always got the soft tones on your drawings which are very friendly :)

I love what you did in your journal. All the pictures have imagination and style. What a luxury to be able to have those kind of days to draw. Good times and art.

Nancy, my thoughts exactly - a great idea to paint the painting! It doesn't move. very smart. And I also thought the carousel was really well done. Statues (and carousel horeses) have a chacracter of their own which is hard to capture.

Your drawings are great. The carousel pony is so sweet. You did a great job of keeping him soft and dainty. I like how you painted around your people too.

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