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Hand Drawing Practice

I continue to practice figure drawing even though I have yet to go to a Figure Drawing class.  There are many drop-in places in New York City, so I have no excuse now that I'm retired and have more time to just play!

In these two journal pages I sketched hands from ads in the New York Times Fashion Magazine and then started to work my way through photos showing American sign language letters.  The drawing was done with a watercolor pencil and then water was applied.





I studied Sign Language years ago and I never thought to use any of those books on the shelf for hand and/or people models! Thanks for the great idea!

What a cool idea! I think I am going to try it too!

THanks for the email and your comment :) Yeah it was Tanna's idea to include the meaning of Double Happiness into the card. We were trying to keep it simple yet self-explained, easy on the eyes yet sophisticated, classy yet cute, western yet eastern... It took me a lot of thinking how to do that, but I have achieved something at least...and more importantly everyone likes it ^^

Oh, I like this "Hand Language"(手语)sketches of yours...I think if there's a language that you could describe as beautiful in the world, it'd be Hand Signals...because it's truly a universal language =)

Oh great idea! I will have to borrow an ASL book from my daughter. Thanks for sharing your work.

Well done, Shirley, and what a great idea for getting hand practice! Thanks for the inspiration.

This is a great way to practice. Super idea.
This workshop doesn't exactly fit what you're working on, but check out an upcoming one-time class at the Morgan. I think it's a Friday night in December. I don't have the date handy because I can't make it, but I think the topic is anatomy, and it's reasonably priced (and such a pretty place!).

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