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A Taste of Tex-Mex


We lived in San Antonio, Texas for 18 years before returning to the Northeast and New York City and one of our very favorite dishes was green chicken enchiladas.  We had friends and family here for dinner last evening and before I started cooking, I sketched and painted the main ingredients for the sauce: tomatillas, onion, garlic, and jalapenos. 

I realized that I had never included any information about my dear friend Paula Nadelstern's current Art Quilt exhibit at the Folk Art Museum as she and I were talking during dinner.  The EveryDay Matters art group has many art quilters and this morning I decided to add links to her fabulous work for them to see. 

Paula's website has a link to her current museum exhibit - and a gallery section with photos of many of the art quilts that are all based on kaleidoscopes.  For those close enough to NYC, the exhibit also contains kaleidoscopes from some of the major artists for you to see.



Great drawing, and the dinner sounds wonderful .... how about the recipe for the chicken and enchiladas? nancy

You sketched and colored all the elements of my favorite food with a delicate touch. Nicely done!

Very nice painting of your ingredients. Looks like the items are ready and waiting to be used in a good recipe!

The FAM is one of my favorite places! Congrats to your friend!

Wow! Those onions look inviting!! The paints are lovely!

So glad you included the link as I heard the interview on WNYC today with Paula! Your recipe sounds delicious and brings back memories of when I lived in Mexico 1963-64. How creative of you to draw the ingredients before cooking!

Great drawing of the ingredients. Now....how do you put them together? I'm about to do a Google recipe search....

Hello loved the green chilli recipe. I lived in huston for a breif moment of my life and I to enjoyed the food. Wasnt there long enough to get recipes ect. Can you Please post recipe sound just what this girl needs who loves Tex Mwx and lives in Pittsburgh of all places.
Thank you.

How I wish I'd been invited to dinner last night, Shirley. Tuscan food, while it's very nice, doesn't generate the same excitement for me as something spicy and Mexican - or Asian. Sigh!

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